What’s new and how to install it

What's new and how to install it

Apple released iOS 15, its big annual iPhone software update on Monday.

This year’s release features big changes, including the ability for FaceTime to make calls to Windows and Android users, artificial intelligence that can better identify animals, plants, and other objects in photos, and a feature that improves notifications. controls.

While Apple regularly rolls out updates throughout the year, the annual updates released with new iPhones tend to contain most of the additional features and changes.

iOS 15 is also available for many older phones, including the iPhone 6S, released in 2015. What will you get here?

What’s new in iOS 15?

FaceTime which includes Windows and Android users. FaceTime, Apple’s video conferencing software, was previously restricted to Apple products only. Users who wanted FaceTime with Android phone or Windows PC were out of luck. Starting with iOS 15, anyone with an Apple computer will see a button that allows them to link to a FaceTime chat. Users can send this link to any computer or phone with a modern web browser, and they can join the chat as well. Users will need to enter the chat, so the link will not allow random people to join without your permission.

iOS 15. Apple’s new Focus feature in

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New messaging integration. Some people receive many different links throughout the day in Apple Messages, formerly iMessage, but don’t have time to look at them later. From now on, Messages will share this information with other applications. For example, if someone posts a link to Apple News News, it will appear in a section titled “Shared with you” in the Apple News app. Ditto for Apple Music and Apple Photos. This new integration also applies to Safari web links, podcasts, and Apple TV movies and TV shows.

Apple iOS 15 can recognize text in photos.


AI that can say what’s in a photo including text. Apple has been improving its photo recognition capabilities in its Photos app for years, and this year it’s taking a big step forward in terms of the types of objects inside photos it can recognize. With iOS 15, Apple’s software can identify animals, monuments, plants, and books, and provide more information. It also makes the text inside your photos searchable, and users can copy and paste text from photos into a document. Apple’s AI works on an iPhone instead of using the cloud to work on remote servers, so items you identify with or copy won’t be bounced back to Apple.

iOS 15. Apple’s new Focus feature in

Todd Haselton | CNBC

Better control of notifications during off-peak hours. For a few years, iPhone users had a mode called “Do Not Disturb,” which limited notifications except the list of nearby contacts. These features of iOS 15 have received a major upgrade that Apple calls “Focus”. The main feature only shows notifications from people and apps that you have already approved. If someone sends a text message to a user in focus mode, they will receive a message saying that notifications have been turned off, much like an away message. Users can create multiple focus profiles for different situations, such as work, leisure, and sleep. This will allow users to create special home screens where, for example, they can have different collections of apps for work or home.

Apple Maps reminders. Apple Maps comes with annual improvements, including better driving directions, transit times, and augmented reality walking routes that place large arrows on real-world views that show users where to go. But commuters will likely love the new real-time alerts that tell users when to remember their stops before getting off a bus, train, or metro.

New Safari overhaul. IPhone’s default browser is undergoing its biggest overhaul in years, bringing the address bar at the top of the screen and the bottom back button closer together for easy thumb access. If you don’t like the new Safari, you can replace it with the old one. Safari will also save groups of open tabs, so you can come back to them later, and support extensions – such as Google Chrome or Safari on the desktop – through Apple’s App Store for the first time. Extensions are small apps that let you do more things on the site, like block ads, but there isn’t much available yet.

Improved system discovery. Apple’s Spotlight is a power user feature that makes it easy to access web search and your files and apps. Users access it by swiping down from the top of the screen. It got a makeover this year, with more photos and information Apple provided on TV shows, movies, musicians, and the connections it shares with you.

Protection of privacy. Apple has been emphasizing privacy in recent years, but it’s starting to become a scalable feature in iOS 15. A new feature is called “App Privacy Report” and it will show you how many times an app has accessed your microphone. or at your location. in the past seven days. It will also let users know if apps are calling home to their servers – which is common but may highlight some data uses that were previously overlooked. Those who pay for iCloud will also get “iCloud Private Relay,” a beta feature similar to a VPN that hides IP addresses, which can reveal your location. People who use Apple’s Mail app can provide random burn email addresses and hide tracking pixels that tell marketers if an email has been opened.

Siri fast. Siri no longer needs to send data to a remote server to figure out what you’ve requested. Now it can do this on the device itself, providing a better experience with no lag, as well as increased privacy – Apple will no longer have access to all the recordings of your Siri requests.

Apple iOS 15 will support storage of driver’s license in Apple Wallet.


Driver’s license and keys in Apple Wallet. Apple is adding the ability to insert driver’s licenses and keys into the Wallet app, but it may take some time for all users to take advantage of these important new features.

Apple says the TSA and eight states are already on board with a program to put driver’s licenses and state IDs on the iPhone. Users will have to wait for their state government to support this feature.

Users will be able to store keys, including car ignition keys, in the Apple wallet. If you have a smart home or are moving into an office with compatible locks, you can start unlocking your front door with your phone as soon as you update with new software. Car ignition key function requires BMW or other compatible vehicle.

Apple iOS 15 will let you watch movies, TV shows, and more with friends on FaceTime.


A big delay: Apple plans to launch a feature called SharePlay that lets you watch movies or TV shows with other people on FaceTime. But this feature has not yet been included and is now promised later this year.

how to get ios 15

Apple Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Phil Schiller talks about the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus during a special event at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on September 9, 2015 in San Francisco, California.,

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Installing iOS 15 is really easy. All you need is an iPhone SE (1st generation) or newer or an iPhone 6s or newer. These phones were released in 2016 and 2015 respectively, so most people should receive the update. This is what you do:

  • Connect your compatible iPhone to Wi-Fi and turn it on.
  • Open Settings.
  • Open normally.
  • Open the software update.
  • Tap Download & Install.

that only!



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