Sites Like Isanyoneup Working in 2022?

Sites Like Isanyoneup
Sites Like Isanyoneup

If you have heard about the recent controversial issue of Isanyoneup Website and its founder Hunter Moore then you might be looking for Sites Like Isanyoneup.

In this post, you will get to know in detail about Isanyoneup Issue and Is there any other Sites Like Isanyoneup.

What is Isanyoneup?

Moore’s notorious website was IsAnyoneUp. The site, which existed for 16 months and was founded in the early 2010s, was notorious for uploading nude images of individuals along with their names and occupations, social media accounts, and occasionally their locations.

According to the document, the site began by publishing volunteers from “scene” groups before evolving into a revenge porn site that featured nude photographs provided by others without their knowledge.

Moore, according to the women who commented on the site, didn’t care that he was wrecking their lives. He refused to remove the photographs, despite earning thousands of dollars in advertising and other payments.

According to the documentary, the site became mainstream when Moore appeared on an episode of Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk program, where he displayed no remorse being confronted by two women from the site.

Moore was idolized by his cult-like supporters, known as “The Family,” who would party with him, make threats to individuals who disagreed with him, and cheer his every action on social media.

Sites Like Isanyoneup

You Need To Understand that logically there should not be having similar Sites Like Isanyoneup as such sites were banned from access.

IsAnyoneUp was shut down in 2012, owing to the work of James McGibney, a former Marine and anti-bullying campaigner who appears in the documentary.

McGibney developed a friendship with Moore after learning about the site and exploited his access to deceive Moore into selling him the site. He moved the site to his own,, after getting access, and released a public statement to Moore explaining why he took down the ultimate bully.

“Your declared goal was to ‘ruin’ the lives of young females. You laughed in their faces even after they threatened to commit suicide if their unlawful nude photographs were not removed from your website “wrote. “Are you still giggling? You attempted to ruin their lives, but I wrecked yours intellectually.”

Following the demise of IsAnyoneUp, Laws detailed her side of the story in a 2013 Jezebel(opens in new tab) article and in her book Rebel in High Heels, which was published in April 2015. She has become an anti-revenge-porn activist, sitting on the board of the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative until 2018 and working with politicians to create legislation to protect victims of nonconsensual pornography.


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