Ted Cruz Mexico Trip Statement, Everything To Know!

Ted Cruz Mexico Trip Statement
Ted Cruz Mexico Trip Statement

The internet has gone crazy over a video showing Senator Ted Cruz of Texas giving Senator Steve Daines of Montana and other Republicans a fist bump immediately after rejecting the PACT Act.

The Senate voted against the ‘Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Honoring Our Promise to Tackle Complete Toxics (PACT) Act’ on Wednesday. This was due to the fact that 42 Republicans voted against the burn pits bill, resulting in the bill falling short of the 60 votes necessary to pass.

According to reports, a group of 25 Republicans who backed the bill again in June were among the 42 Republicans who rejected the option. Nonetheless, since the House of Representatives had made minor technical changes to the legislation, the Senate was compelled to seek a fresh vote.

Ted Cruz Mexico Trip Statement

If the PACT act had been passed, it would have given veterans who had been exposed to dangerous situations like burn pits or radiation while serving in the navy access to better medical care.

However, Senator Pat Toomey, who led the opposition to the bill, called it a “budgetary gimmick” and said that it would result in the formation of a “slush fund.”

Shortly after the PACT Act was blocked from becoming law, many ordinary people and renowned activists chastised GOP legislators for voting against the bill. Furthermore, video evidence of Republicans applauding the verdict while in the Senate sparked outrage among some.

After censoring the PACT act, Twitter responds to Ted Cruz’s fist bumping video.
A lot of people in the United States are upset as a result of the blocking of the PACT legislation. People on social media were outraged when a video of Ted Cruz throwing the middle finger to Republicans was shared online.

A Cruz aide told Newsweek that the senator supports the PACT legislation but voted against it because the most recent model had an alleged “irresponsible Democratic provision” while online reactions continued to pour in:

In addition, the official said that Cruz was working with his colleagues Republicans to advance the bill while simultaneously removing the availability. Furthermore, they said that Democrats were aware of the issues before to the vote but chose not to make any changes to the proposal, which resulted in the act being held up in its present state of limbo.

Jon Stewart blasts Ted Cruz for opposing the PACT Act.
They went on to suggest that Democrats and Republicans should work together to “address this problem” and “limit inflationary spending” so that the PACT Act may become law as soon as possible.

Since the beginning of the fight to enact the PACT Act, comedian and activist Jon Stewart has been a vocal supporter of the legislation. In light of the fact that this bill was not passed into law, Stewart held a speech on Capitol Hill in which he chastised Republicans for voting against it.

During her appearance on Morning Joe, the activist was also interviewed by MSNBC’s Willie Geist, who chastised Ted Cruz for his joyful tone on the bill’s failure to pass:

While this was going on, Cruz was said to have given an interview to TMZ at an airport, where he called Stewart’s opinion on the matter “very humorous.” The senator additionally acknowledged that the Democrats were engaging in a “budgetary trick” by attempting to make “discretionary” spending “compulsory” by moving forward with the invoice.

Jon Stewart responded to Ted Cruz’s comments by saying that Cruz’s statements were “incorrect” and “not true”:

The previous cast member of The Day by day Show concluded his discussion by mocking Ted Cruz’s video in which he’s shown partying with his colleagues by giving each other a fist bump after “eradicating the similar veterans’ benefits and healthcare for poisonous wounds.”


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