Blueface Mom And Sister Fight: Blueface Says Mom Wants GF Role & Chrisean Rock Says She Can’t Stay | Video

Blueface's mother and sister had a fight: Blueface claims his mother wants the GF role, while Chrisean Rock claims she can't stay.

Blueface Mom And Sister Fight: Blueface Says Mom Wants GF Role & Chrisean Rock Says She Can’t Stay | Video
Blueface Mom And Sister Fight: Blueface Says Mom Wants GF Role & Chrisean Rock Says She Can’t Stay | Video

The family conflict is still going on. Blueface, his mother, his sister, and Chrisean Rock are still embroiled in a quarrel nearly two days later. As previously reported, all parties involved resorted to social media to express their feelings over two physical altercations between Chrisean and his mother, as well as a subsequent altercation between Chrisean and Kali. Chrisean acknowledged to placing his paws on Blueface’s family in a video shot late Saturday night by the Thotiana rapper, despite Karlissa and Kali originally blaming Blueface for the beatings.

Blueface Mom And Sister Fight

Blueface came to Twitter on Sunday to discuss the incident and make an unsettling revelation about his mother. Chrisean Rock retaliated by serving Karlissa and her husband with eviction notices, a reminder of the beating, and a threat to contact CPS.

Blueface then shared a video with Jaidyn Alexis, his unborn son and daughter’s mother. “My mother does it with all the pregnant women and everything,” he wrote. Jaidyn and Blueface are seen enjoying supper outside of Blueface’s restaurant, where Karlissa works, in the video dated February 18. Her mother is seen tilting her head and pointing her finger towards Jaidyn in the silent footage.

Jaidyn then says something to Karlissa, forcing Karlissa to sweep up all of the food from the table and throw it on the floor, presumably in a fit of rage. Karlissa then enters the restaurant, as Jaidyn clears the table of the remaining food. Blueface pushes Jaidyn away from the restaurant entrance as she stands up to face Karlissa.

Following that, he retweeted a message that said, “Rock rock was your mother karma.”

Blueface is told to keep Jaidyn Alexis out of these “boosie activities” by Jaidyn Alexis.
Jaidyn made it obvious she didn’t want a part when Blueface posted the video, referring to the family vs. girlfriend turmoil as “Boosie Activities.”

“When people were running, they told me about me,” Jaidyn posted on Instagram Story. “No videos came out to come to my rescue, who’s not trying to make anyone appear better or worse.” “I stood on my ten on myself and took that stuff to the chin.” Not only the last two days on ALL PARTS, but the last two months have been jam-packed with Boosie action.

Meanwhile, Karlissa contacted her Instagram account to discuss the footage. “I’m simply grateful that the truth has come out that I never beat her or hurled anything at her,” she wrote. “I don’t tamper with your wives, they attack you on me,” Karlissa said, pointing her message at her son. “But now that I’m not in your life to blame, we’ll see who they’re on.” ‘I’ll take it,’ says the narrator.

She also challenged her son to do an Instagram post and delete to share the audio from the footage. Karlissa stated that she had no problems with other ladies in Blueface’s life and that Jaidyn had been rude to her over the phone.

“On the two-way talk with your mother, you’re not going to call me by name and then eat the meal I cooked.” Karlissa wrote, “You’re correct, I dumped my lunch on the floor since you won’t respect me at work.”

Karlissa and Kali’s social media posts elicit a response from Chrisean Rock.
Chrisean has returned to Instagram, but she has moved all of her online stats for Blueface’s mother and sister to Twitter. On Saturday, the rising entertainer didn’t mince words when she uploaded her version of footage showing her striking Kali outside Blueface’s residence.

“Why talk shit when you hurled glass jars in my face, didn’t call my mom a dope fine, didn’t get in my face like I wouldn’t throw you down nobody glad to get a hold of somebody mom but am not ab***h,” Chrisean tweeted.

Kali contacted Chrisean while she was on a squad and “viewing a movie after practise,” according to Chrisean. As a result, Chrisean claims she “let down” Kali. Chrisean claims Kali’s husband yanked her hair and struck her in the face at this point to keep the argument outdoors.

Chrisean also expressed his dissatisfaction with his team seeing the altercation on Twitter. “They didn’t deserve this odd rude crap, and neither did I,” she wrote. Chrisean recommended she sue the family, but she stated they didn’t have the financial means to do so. Then she went after Karlissa, claiming that her child was on oxygen.

Chrisean had some extra late-night remarks for mother and daughter as the back-and-forth extended till Sunday. She first explained that she was not referring to Kali’s children. His goal, it appears, was to help Kali imagine what would have occurred if the parents had perished or been arrested for provoking the conflict.

Chrisean then zeroed in on her girlfriend status and sent Blueface’s mother an eviction notice through Twitter.

Wack 100, meantime, uploaded a video of Kali and her husband following the brawl. With her husband’s head on her lap, Kali sits on her brother’s driveway. As Kali examines his mouth and massages his head, he looks to be comatose. Her boxers are exposed because her trousers are pushed up beneath her buttocks. On the cement driveway, blood splatters emerge around his legs. Behind the camera, Kali has a conversation with someone.

Kali’s Instagram profile had gone private as of Monday morning, while her husband’s page remained silent for the time being.


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