Naira Ashraf Death Video Viral: Watch At Your Own Risk!

The assassination of Naira Ashraf, a student at Mansoura University, by another student after she refused his marriage proposal, has shocked Egypt and the rest of the world.

Mohamed Adel, a third-year student at the same university, is accused of killing Ashraf outside its premises.


According to Egypt Independent, Adel confirmed during interrogation that he committed the crime and described the crime scene to the prosecution.

According to reports, the Public Prosecution agreed on Tuesday to detain the suspect, Adel, for four days pending investigations.

Naira Ashraf Death Video

Note: This Video Clip includes graphic content; please watch at your own risk.

Egypt’s Public Prosecution said in a statement that it received testimony from 20 witnesses, including Naira Ashraf’s parents and sister, who confirmed Adel’s relentless harassment of the victim. This is because their relationship didn’t work out and Ashraf turned down his marriage proposal.

According to Egypt Independent, Ashraf’s family convened usual sessions two months ago and reported the suspect to authorities, pleading with Adel not to kill them.

“Thirteen witnesses, students and staff of the university and its surroundings, also testified that they saw the accused conduct the crime while they were in the area of the occurrence.”

“The suspect was examined by the Public Prosecution about the accusations levied against him, and he confessed to having committed the crime of premeditated murder of the victim owing to their disputes and her refusal to him.” According to the Public Prosecution.

Adel allegedly detailed his plans for committing and carrying out the crime to the Public Prosecution. He also stated that he was determined to marry Ashraf, but she refused and blocked him on social media.


Mansoura University personnel paid a visit to Ashraf’s family.

Dr. Ashraf Abdelbasit, the president of Mansoura University, also recognized Ibrahim Al-Ajroudi, the administrative security officer in charge of securing the university gate, “Toshki Gate,” for his bravery and attempt to save Ashraf and catch the offender.

Naira, Ashraf University of Mansoura
Representatives from Mansoura University paid a visit to Ashraf’s family. Image courtesy of Facebook/Mansoura University


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