Valheim Mistlands Update Release Date, Roadmap, Trailer, Reddit News

The Mistlands is a work-in-progress biome that is expected to debut in the following significant update.

The Mistlands are now a barren area of mossy soil, similar to the Black Forest. Neither resources nor spawning creatures exist in the biome. The sky turns a much darker shade, resembling an endless night, when you enter a Mistland, whether on foot or by boat. Additionally, there is no distinctive ambient music in the biome, and no music will start playing when you enter it.

In earlier iterations of the biome, it was made up of a collection of tall, ancient trees and their roots, giant cobwebs, and ground-laying giant skulls. The roots were highlighted and named as though they were a resource that could be harvested, but they were impossible to gather using any known tools. Small fir trees and stones mined from rocks were the only resources available in the Mistlands.

Release Date!

Everyone in Valheim is curious as to when the Voyage to the Mistlands will be released. The game hasn’t seen a significant update since September 2021, which is a very long time. The last significant update to the game was Hearth & Home, but even that didn’t have the effect on late-game saves that the upcoming voyage promises.

Unfortunately, no official release date has been set yet. The Mistlands’ release date has only ever been listed as 2022 by Iron Gate, but that information is also liable to change. It appears likely that either the update will be delayed as the year comes to a close or that fans will receive the content in December.

The teasers that Iron Gate has been releasing are one plus. There is still hope for some specific release date information in the near future as screenshots have continued to appear as recently as October 7.

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Check out the trailer for Valheim’s upcoming Mistlands biome update to see gameplay, including terrifying new creatures, enemies, and more.


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