Maris Mareen Digiovanni & Brent Allan Hallett 's Untold Story 

Brent Allan Hallett and Maris Mareen DiGiovanni were the two victims of a widespread stabbing spree on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada.

Eight individuals were involved in the incident, which began around 11:40 a.m. local time, according to Las Vegas police. Both locals and outsiders were taking part at the time of the Chacoubry, the sheriff stated during a press conference on Thursday.

Maris Mareen Digiovanni, 30, and Brent Allan Hallett, 47, both died in the incident, which also resulted in the daylight hacking of four showgirls.

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Deputy Chief James LaRochelle stated that it appeared as though the initial blows to the sidewalk on Las Vegas Boulevard were random.

According to him, the suspects ran south and assaulted a second man on Sands Avenue after stabbing five more victims. When and how the eighth person was stabbed are still unknown.

Police said that one person died there, while another passed away after being taken to University Medical Center in southern Nevada. According to the authorities, three people have been hospitalised and are in severe condition.

The two victims have been identified by the Clark County Office of the Coroner/Medical Examiner as Maris Marine DiGiovanni, 30, and Brent Allen Hallett, 47, both of Las Vegas.

This person named Yoni barrios has been arrested as suspect of their murder.

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