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Stuart Williamson, 56, anticipated the murder of Diane Douglas of Colton, near Norwich, in April. Douglas’ body was spotted last November by police who took a look at the grounds of the house they were taking part in in Colton, near Norwich. Days earlier, police had caught Williamson in Wales.

Authorities acknowledge that Diane was murdered in December 2018, but Williamson then imagined she was still alive by using her phone to relay messages to people.

Last winter, the investigation kicked off when her family finally announced her disappearance. Norwich: Stuart Williamson Death News – Murder or suicide Police claimed Stuart Williamson, of Barford Road, Colton, was found dead in his cell at HMP Norwich on 29 December 2021.

Aside from this, as the investigation progresses, very little about his death news has been circulated to the public media. He has been in police custody since November, awaiting his starter who would not be long.

Specialists from the Norwich and Suffolk Major Investigation Team sent a homicide assessment before the Douglas variety was found, after relatives declared her missing on October 21, 2021.

Her relatives told police they hadn’t seen her in a “huge span of time” as they had been out of contact for years. The relatives determine that she is missing after restored attempts to contact her failed.

Stuart Williamson: What happened to the suspected murderer of Diane Douglas? Start Williamson was reportedly found dead in his cell on December 29, 2021 around 5:00 PM GMT. He was blamed for murdering his accomplice and covering her body in the nursery.

Nine days later he was caught in Wales and taken to Norwich for address. At that point, after extensive searches for Williamson’s residence, the remaining portions of Diane Douglas were recovered on Nov. 3.

The chase saw investigators from the Norfolk and Suffolk Major Investigation Team chase around Meadow Farm, where she disappeared, and near a property on Barford Road in Colton.

Scientific investigation by police officers in the area focused on a location of the nursery at an estate on the edge of the forest. At the hour of death, in 2018, Douglas would have aged 55 or 56. Nevertheless, a posthumous Home Office could not set up the justification behind death.


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