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Winston Glynn has been identified as the suspect in the brutal shooting of Kristal Bayron-Nieves. Suspects began firing at the 19-year-old during a January 9 break-in attempt at a Burger King in East Harlem, Manhattan.

The NYPD recently offered $10,000 in compensation for the data that led to Glynn’s arrest. He is currently under the authority of East Harlem’s 25th district.

Who is Winston Glynn? Suspected Burger King shooting arrested Winston Glynn is a suspect in the murder of Kristal Bayron-Nieves that took place at Burger King in East Harlem.

As indicated by the reports, the main reason for the suspected burglary was when he asked the teenager for money. Bayron-Nieves offered him $100, but the man punched her in the stomach, leaving her dead.

During the break-in, the suspect also attacked the Burger King chef, who lost two of his teeth. The population had gathered on Thursday for a candlelight vigil for Burger King for justice. It was the same day that Winston Glynn was taken in.

Winston Glynn Age and Wikipedia Winston Glynn is currently 30 years old. However, to be included on a Wikipedia page, the suspect is locally highly notable and has also been implicated in previous offenses. He apparently had seven previous arrests, including threat, criminal possession of a weapon and assault.

In addition, it has also become known that Winston Glynn was a representative at Burger King in 2020. However, there was no known connection between the person in question and the shooter.

Speaking of the person in question, Kristal Bayron-Nieves was an 18-year-old Burger King employee in East Harlem. She was mercilessly shot for no explanation. May he withdrawn soul find happiness in the afterlife.

Winston Glynn Arrested: Charges and Jail Sentenced Winston Glynn was imprisoned on January 12 and placed in receivership by the NYPD.

As for his charges, the 30-year-old is currently charged with manslaughter, criminal possession of a weapon and two counts of burglary. For the time being, we anticipate his pre-trial detention in which he must receive a prison sentence of at least 10 years. More subtleties coming soon.


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